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Oakley Frogskins Aquatique Sunglasses Collection Just released

If you are a collector of Oakley Frogskins like I am, well here are some more to add to your collection. What starts out as just owning one pair, can easily transform into 10-20 pairs in no time. Throughout the decades Oakley has transformed the Frogskins from your basic frame to a true piece of numbered artwork. Within the past week,  Oakley has just released the Aquatique collection. Various multi-colored frames to suit any mood. The Oakley Frogskins are also the most ideal frame for those who have a higher rx but want something eye-catching and unique.Also Read:  VonZipper Ether Collection "The Seven Seas inspired this collection of Oakley Frogskins ™, and the retro-cool frames with Iridium coated lenses are splashed with colors from sun-drenched shallows and briny depths. Aquatic hues range from the magma oranges and fire yellows of underwater lava flow to sunlit kelp greens, coral oranges, the dark of the deep sea abyss, and blues from shimmering shorelines. The comfortably lightweight O Matter™ frames carry High Definition Optics and vintage logos that mark them as true classics." ~ Oakley

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