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FORE! Golf season is upon us..

With this early spring weather we are having, a lot of people are hitting the links.From water hazards, sand traps, and the occasional wandering snapping turtle we have all had our share of bad days on the green. While we can't promise eagles, we can definitely help you see the green better using prescription sunglasses. Introducing the latest in golf transitions lenses ... The NEOX Transitions SOLFX. These lenses adjust to the outside light conditions so you don't have to worry about changing glasses at all during the day. The more UV light present the darker the lens. The less UV light the lighter the lens.Also Read: Sometimes its not just about looking cool...
Callaway sunglasses brand come standard with this new NEOX transitions lens. They are also available for most prescriptions as well. With varying styles and colors they are sure to please any golfer.
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