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Dragon Alliance Eyewear: For The Young And Adventurous

Action, Fun, Sports and Adventure are some of the most common traits for those who love Dragon Eyewear . Conceptualized in California in 1993, this eyewear is known for its simple designs and smooth edges. Dragon Alliance is geared towards the younger and adventure loving millennial.

Where It All Started: Founder Will Howard conceptualized a company that will produce items that are geared towards his love for surfing, snowboarding, and motorsports. The company's first and primary products are eyewear, which all bear the same enthusiasm and deep knowledge of the market. They started distributing their products to local California surf shops eventually expanding to bigger markets like Hawaii, Florida, Australia and other international markets.Over the years, Dragon Alliance conceptualized numerous prescription sunglasses and eyewear products. Using innovative solutions, the company gives high emphasis on creating high-quality and functional merchandise that appealed to the younger market. The company also introduced several products that are made for specific outdoor sports like snowboarding and dirt bike riding.

For The Love Of Sports: One of the best reasons why Dragon Alliance has been so successful is the company's natural love for sports. The company is operated by persons who truly desire to give access to products that can enhance any outdoor experience. For example, when founder Will Howard felt that they are limited choices when it comes to snowboarding goggles, he thought it is a great opportunity for his company to offer something for the riders. He proceeded to recruit some of the best snowboarding athletes like Jamie Lynn and Chris Roach to help create the perfect snowboarding goggles. There's no stopping from there, the later expanded their line of snowboarding goggles adding innovative touches and ingenious designs. Many years later the company was able to establish itself as a leader in snowboarding goggles creator.

Also Read: Tag Heuer - Luxury Glasses To this day, Dragon Alliance continues to put rider's feedback in mind when designing products. In fact, the core designers when it has started are still with the company today, creating products that work for those who are seeking the ultimate adventure in style. Dragon Alliance is the top choice for various products for surfing, snowboarding, motorsports, dirt bike riding, and wakeboarding. The company continues to evolve with the current market demands; lately, they have released an eco-friendly eyewear which used 100% recycled materials. The company supports warranty for products bought from an official retailer, check out for some of the latest Dragon Eyewear .

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