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Don't forget goggles for winter biking

Whether you like the snow and cold or not it's bound to happen. Getting some fresh powder on the ground doesn't mean just hitting the slopes or breaking out the sled. Winter biking is growing in popularity with the evolution of fat bikes and wider tread tires. Keeping your eyes protected during the winter months is just as important if not more important than the summer months. With fresh white powder and the bright sun refracting rays back into your eyes, make sure to keep your eyes protected. I was recently asked what kind of protective eyewear would I recommend for winter biking. Prescription Sunglasses can fall off and bounce around easily, I recommend choosing a high quality goggle with a lens tint designed for the type of elements you will be biking in. Most winter trail bikers up here prefer a tint called G-30 / Ignitor, etc. It's a mix of rose and grey and reduces eye fatigue while enhancing contrast and depth perception in all conditions. Don't forget about goggle inserts for those who have a prescription. Smith makes one compatible with the Turbo fan, knowledge and Phenom goggles called the ODS2 . The Universal Goggle Insert is compatible with most standard sized goggles ( kids, and spherical goggles not usable).

Also Read: INSTOCK Tag Heuer eyewear at Deep Discounts So before you hit the trails or streets on your two wheels make sure to pick up a pair of goggles to keep you on the right path.

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