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Color Blindness is a thing of the past with EnChroma lenses

Do you or someone you know suffer from color blindness? A series of Ishihara tests (like the one below) can help determine whether or not you are indeed color blind. An estimated 7-10% of males and less than 1% of females are in some form color blind, red-green color blind being the most dominate.Through the years scientists have made amazing discoveries in helping those who suffer with color blindness. The newest is a lens from EnChroma. This new SCE (Super color enhancing) lens is a 1.3mm lightweight glass lens. It is going to be available in prescription sunglasses as well as non and blocks out 100% of UV radiation. What makes this lens so special is they will be available in 3 styles to accompany different forms of color blindness. Those who are not color blind can still benefit from these lenses as well since it will just enhance color and make the colors even more vivid.

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