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And now for something completely different....

We often sit back and think of great and new ideas of how to attract customers and increase business! I think I may have figured it out..let me know what you think :)Every Wednesday, we are going to feature our Trademarked sticker on a new and 'exciting' place to show where we have been.We are going to call it:" Where in the World Wednesdays (WWW)" Customers and prospective customers alike will be encouraged to send us pictures of where the sticker has traveled to. If we feature your picture on our facebook page you will be rewarded with a special coupon code to use on your next purchase on prescription sunglasses as well as all the stardom that comes with online interfacing :)Stickers have been shipped out in orders for the last few months and will continue to be. If you don't have a sticker and live in the Minneapolis/ St.Paul area feel free to stop by the shop and pick some up.
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