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Sunglasses Save Lives When You Are Driving


According to the World Health Organization, there are approximately 1.25 million lives cut short as a result of fatal vehicular accidents each year. Driving under the influence, speeding, and distracted driving account for a large number of accidents, but there is also a factor that can mean life and death when overlooked: your eyesight. December is National Impaired Driving Prevention Month and government agencies are working hard to spread awareness on how to prevent and respond to impaired driving. In this regard, drivers are also urged to have regular eye exams to ensure that they are fit to navigate the roads. Maximum precaution should also be employed when driving in some situations including:Driving under the sun's harsh glare.

Car owners usually choose if they want to have their windshields tinted or not, but some cars have a standard clear windshield that makes driving harder especially when the sun is glaring outside. The glare can be too much for some drivers which can cause them to squint, limiting their vision, and possibly endangering others. If the windshield doesn't come with tint, it is best for you to wear sunglasses to prevent glare sensitivity . Prescription Sunglasses are also stylish accessories that can prevent wrinkles caused by prolonged squinting.

Also Read: Photochromic Sunglasses - Perfect for Drivers of All Ages There are numerous sunglasses that is highly effective in lowering glare. With this protective sunglasses, you never have to worry about squinting your eyes again while driving. Numerous eyewear manufacturer have sunglasses that is specifically made for driving. For example, sunglasses with gradient tints will take out the need to look up and down your dashboard and the road.Dangerous curves on the road.

Sharp curves and blind spots on the road are some of the most dangerous areas. Winding roads take a lot of skill and calculation to navigate properly, so it's important that the driver's vision is in good condition before hopping behind the wheel.Nighttime driving . Studies have shown that a larger number of car accidents happen at night than during the day. Combined factors of low visibility and poor eyesight can make driving at night more dangerous than it already is. Have your eyes checked and get prescription eyeglasses if needed to prevent these accidents.RL_Aluminum_Driving_Hero_crop_articlehero_large

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