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The Huber Brothers: Two is Better Than One

Alexander and Thomas Huber are two very unique brothers that hail from Germany with the same passion in life: climbing mountains. Alexander was born in 1968 and climbed his first 4,000 ft. elevated mountain at only eleven years old. He is the more patient of the two brothers and is the planner, rationalist and graduated physicist. Alexander has been a pro athlete in the outdoor sport since 1995 and is also a certified ski and mountain guide using prescription sunglasses.

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alex and thomas huber adidas

Thomas, being two years younger than his older brother, is quite the opposite of Alexander. He is the dreamer, the one who is easily excited about things and can be a tad chaotic. He is very laid-back and curious about the world around him and even plays in a rock band called "Plastic Surgery Disaster". Thomas is also a certified mountain guide and has a wife and three children while residing in Berchtesgaden, Germany.

"Live your life, because life is just beautiful." - Thomas Huber

thomas huber

Alexander and Thomas are both on Adidas Eyewear's Outdoor team while holding many career highlights and are sure to conquer more down the road!

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