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GEOBASS Adventures: Destination Botswana

Costa Del Mar's GEOBASS crew wasn't about to let hippo attacks and elephants stop them from their trip far south to Africa to seek out the golden bass and tigerfish. They guys keep updates on their travels to share with everyone on how things are going as situations arise - here is an interesting journal from earlier into their trip using prescription sunglasses !

"We are seriously getting deep into Africa. Caution is key in the wild kingdom. Already had a bull hippo wander into our camp at 2am in the morning and had elephants block the road. Wildlife is everywhere including more crocs than we have ever witnessed. Trying to push and find bodies of water that have bass. First lake was a total bust and others have turned out to be nothing but dried up sand pits. Stay tuned we still have more water on the hit list to explore!"

geobass destination botswana

With the temperature rising and dropping at an extreme rate, it was affecting the fish bite immediately so the crew had to think creatively on how to fix the problem. Luckily, they made a fly out of hair weave material with a heavy weight that the bass ended up loving, which they are now calling "The Swamp Mamba". It was a huge game changer for them and they now believe they have found "the greatest world class bass fishery on the planet!".

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geobass costa del mar botswana

The 20-minute long documentary of their journey to Botswana is now live for you to watch. It will make you feel like you were really there with them!

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