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The Essential Guide to Buying Glasses Online: Part 1

Buying glasses online is not like buying glasses in an optical shop where you could request to try on every brand you see on display and fit them in front of the store's mirror. While buying glasses online, one very important thing to consider is your face shape. The size and shape of your face will be easy to see when you buy a pair of glasses be it a prescription, a reader or prescription sunglasses . The shape of your face plays a vital role when you order your glasses online, it significantly can help you get the most ideal pair of eyewear that will fit comfortably and compliment your own facial features. The following are the benefits of knowing how to specify your facial shape when buying eyewear online:

eyewear fit guide

Benefits of Knowing Your Own Facial Shape:

  • Eyewear will fit and function comfortably upon wearing.
  • Finding a suitable match to the shape of your face online will be much more simply and will get your new glasses shipped out to your faster.
  • The right facial size and shape will aid for that style and fashionable look you are seeking when buying a pair of eyewear.
  • Online service staff might be able to better suggest or advise which model, design or brand carries shapes that compliment your facial features.
  • Helps you save money and effort on your purchase.


Below are some essential pointers you can practice to help you determine your own face shape and size. Keep these measurements handy for it will definitely be a plus later on when you buy your glasses online or even while walking into an optical

A. Face Measurement This will help and guide you on the exact size and shape of your face. To get the exact dimensions of your face, prepare the following: a pen and paper to list down the measurements, then stand in front of a mirror and do the following steps:

Step 1 Cheek to Cheek Measurement With the aid of a tape measure, place the end of the tape measure on one side of your face just beneath your eye and find the top of your cheekbone. Do the same to the other side. List this down.

Step 2 Jaw Line Measurement Below your ear you can find the end of your jawbone. Measure by bringing the tape measure around the bottom of your face.

Step 3 Face Length Measurement Find the center of your hair line and from that point measure straight down over the tip of your nose until the bottom of your chin.

Step 4 Forehead Width Measurement Find the end of your hairline on one side of your forehead near the upper temple area (either left or right). From that point, extend the measurement to the other side passing between your eyebrows and top hairline. Record and list down the measurement.

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B. Size of the Frame This will be the exact fit of the eyewear. After determining the shape of your face through (A.) above, you shall now be able to find out the size of the eyewear frame for which your facial shape is. Remember that not every brand manufacturer will provide this information.

Check back tomorrow morning for Part 2 of The Essential Guide to Buying Glasses Online!

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