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Vogue Eyewear Light And Shine

When it comes to fashion, Vogue is one of the most trusted names for the longest time. Around the world, Vogue is known as a trendsetter, bringing unique fashion designs into reality. Today, Vogue continues to rule the fashion industry as a top magazine. Furthermore, it has also spawned numerous fashion lines that many women trust including Vogue Eyewear.

Vogue Eyewear

Just like the fashion magazine, Vogue, many women trust this brand whether for dresses, street clothes, and even eyewear. Vogue eyewear was conceptualized and started in 1973 as an eyewear line under the magazine. Later in 1990, the brand was purchased by Luxottica, an Italian company known as the producer of the biggest eyewear business in the world.Vogue eyewear boasts colors, curves, and creativity that are very feminine. Every woman will find something that suits their needs. Vogue uniquely offers its products in different lines and categorized into collections.

The Light and Shine Line

One of the latest and most famous lines released by Vogue Eyewear is the Light and Shine. It includes lightweight and colorful eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses in fun feminine shapes, contrasting materials, and unique bold prints. Vogue believes that one of the best parts of the changing seasons is also updating your look without having to sacrifice the real you.Updating your look does not have to be expensive, you can easily change your accessories, such as jewelry or eyewear to reinvent yourself. The Light and Shine Collection offers a fresh and bubbly summer look that will suit every woman. It includes lightweight and slim frames, matte brush metal finish, and dashes of bright colors placed strategically across the front of the eyewear.Also Read: Rudy Project: Celebrating Bike Month The campaign for Light and Shine are led by world famous models and actresses including Adriana Lima, Chinese actress Liu Shishi, and Indian model Deepika Padukone.The colors and shapes that included in the Light and Shine line are perfect for any kind of adventure that the summer beckons. Whether you are out for a city tour in LA, a shopping spree in Paris, or an exotic wild fun in Dubai, you can trust this eyewear to complete your look.Vogue Eyewear is a top choice for any woman out there who is searching for something that will emphasize their choice of style. Using durable, lightweight, and creative designs, Vogue Eyewear ensures that you will be able to stand out in any place and any time. For some of the latest in Vogue Eyewear, visit Heavyglare Eyewear .
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