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Rudy Project: Celebrating Bike Month

Rudy Project has been providing quality eyewear to everyone who loves sunglasses. Built in 1985, Rudy Barbazza has dedicated his career to helping athletes from all around the world in improving their performance. His love and dedication for providing world class prescription sunglasses have paved the way for the success for a lot of their patrons.Rudy Project promises to provide the world with the most technologically advanced sports eyewear that would fit anybody's needs. To prove his cause, Rudy Project has worked with athletes from different fields listening to their suggestions and making sure they get what they need. Rudy Project has been widely known as a bike enthusiast's top choice for not only sports sunglasses but also bicycle helmets and accessories.Also Read: Mirror Coating: For Outdoor Fun

The Rudy Project Guarantee

Rudy guarantees its owners durability even from hard knocks and falls thanks to their Safety Project System. Comfort is not compromised with the durability of Rudy sunglasses. With the use of the Total Comfort System, it allows the wearer to adjust the nosepiece and temples according to their facial structure. All of Rudy Project products are 100% crafted in Italy and is available in more than 60 countries and has more than 3,000 sales outlets in Italy. Rudy Project gears are not only sought after by athletes for competition purposes, they are also worn by regular people for cosmetic purposes.Rudy Project Bike Month

Celebrating Bike Month

The presence of Rudy Gears is heavily felt in cycling events such as the National Bike Month which is lead by the League of American Bicyclists. This event was established to encourage and showcase the benefits of biking. It is attended by professional athletes and regular citizens who just want to show their love for the sport. People from all over the world show their support by riding their bike going to school or work. Every year, the celebration of bike month has consistently shown a significant growth of supporters who are willing to show the rest of the world how cycling can greatly impact the community. The League of American Bicyclists can help provide the resources that you need to plan an event in your area.To help kick off the Bike Month, Rudy Project offers their state of the art eyewear to all bike enthusiasts by giving away 1 free Rudy frame for every 4 Rudy frames you purchase. If you are interested in grabbing this wonderful offer, you can visit our website at and choose among a wide array of options Rudy Project Options.
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