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Proper eyewear will help prevent the development of cataracts

Put down the corn flakes, If you are not familiar with the photo above that would be a human eye with cataracts. Today is National Diabetes Day, and did you know that individuals with Type 2 are more likely to get cataracts at a younger age. While there is no way to totally prevent cataracts, there are things you can do to help.1. Obviously keep your smoking, drug and alcohol consumption in check .2. Remember when your mom told you when you were a child to eat carrots to help your eyes. Well, she wasn't just blowing smoke...its true. Since, most of us don't get enough in our daily diets. Consider taking supplements beta-carotene (carrots), selenium, vitamin C & E and other antioxidants.Also Read: Oakley Crosslinks are now instock and ready to ship 3. Last but probably the most important.. Keep those babies shaded when you are outdoors! Over exposure to UV light has been shown to bring on the development cataracts faster.Proper eyewear, prescription sunglasses will help prevent the development of cataracts so your eyes will continue to look something similar to these baby blues...
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