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The Rave

Oakley's High Definition Optics (HDO) soar high into the sky

One of the lightest and best-selling frames made by Oakley is the Flak Jacket. Used by athletes from around the world to your next-door neighbor. There is nothing to dislike about this frame. Made of Oakley's signature O Matter along withퟀ Unobtainium for the nose pads and ear shocks. Available in a wide variety of colors (both frame and rubber). I can talk about O matter and Unobtainium any day.. today the focus is going to be the HDO High Definition Optics that comes standard in Oakley sunglasses. When life depends on your vision you cannot use a substandard lens. For careers in aviation, you must have superior vision, obviously. A customer of ours, world-renowned Aerobatic Pilot Aaron McCartan recently came to us for recommendations. Below is an excerpt from his experience with the Oakley VR28 lens.Also Read:  Oakley hits a homerun with the MLB edition sunglasses  "I'm a competition aerobatic pilot. I throw my craft through the air in wild gyrations and tumbles trying to explore the outer edges of possibility. My aviation activities vary from training to travel and the previously mentioned 'stunt pilot' activities. I've used a few different styles of eyewear and tried countless brands.The first problem encountered is the lenses. Can't go cheap on the lenses. Aircraft instruments use a prismatic light wedge by angle-polishing two pieces of glass, polarizing them, and assembling to a flush fit. This eliminates glare on the instruments as the sunlight angles change.ퟀ If the cockpit occupants use eyewear with poorly manufactured lenses or shoddy polarization, the prism effect of the instruments will negate the light passage and your eyewear simply blanks out all readings on the panel. It will honestly appear to be blacked-out screens and gauges! The moral of this story? We require good lens quality, No matter how I fly, mild or wild; the Oakleys just work." Per Oakley: "VR28 Black iridium cuts blinding glare while filtering blue light to enhance visual acuity and improve depth perception. Features an Iridium coating to further tune contrast."**To get your hands on these or any products Oakley sells for prescription and non-prescription.. drop us an email at, call us 888-548-0558, or shop our showroom in Burnsville, Minnesota.**  

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