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Keepin those baby blues protected with Julbo

When you have little ones you want to bubble wrap them and keep them protected from EVERYTHING! Unfortunately, we cannot protect our kids from everything but we can help protect their eyes from damaging UV rays. Check out Julbo's Looping sunglasses. Especially made for small faces.

What are the things to look for in the best sunglasses for babies and toddlers?

Up until the age of 3, small children look up to see the world. The best sunglasses for babies protect youngsters with:
  • Substantial coverage around the eyes
  • Flexible frames and strong lenses that can take a lot of activity
  • Sunglasses that are centered for upside or downside use
  • And dark lenses such as Julbo's category 4 lenses for minimal visible light transmission (only 5%)
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Top-quality lenses in Julbo's sunglasses for babies

  • Julbo lenses are optical class 1
  • They provide 100% protection against UVA, B and C rays
  • They are shock resistant

Looping frames are made for a baby's face

  • Handy reversible and flexible prescription sunglasses frames there is no wrong way to put them on
  • Wrap-around styling provides excellent coverage and protection
  • Flexible and shock absorbing frames
  • Fun, colorful style for the little ones
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