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The Rave

Julbo and the Mountain Running Scene

Julbo trail runner athlete, Jason Schlarb, just conquered yet another trail running competition, this time successfully winning a 50k race in Switzerland.I've got 3 more big weeks of running in the French alps before UTMB. I will do some running with Timmy Olson and Mike Foote (North Face guys) who are here all August. (I've been running with the) Trail, the lightest best race glasses ever. - Jason Schlarb

Also Read: John Jackson & His Search for Snow in JulyWith Julbo being a huge supporter of trail and mountain sports, you better not be surprised to hear stories about all of their team members they are proud of. There is Larisa Dannis for her unreal win at Western States, Amber Reece-Young who helped clench the US a mountain running title in Mexico, and more inspiring people such as Ian Sharman, Denise Bourassa, Joe Gray and Dylan Bowman. The connection to the large running community is what pushes Julbo to progress with their product developments and event sponsorships.

"Mountain peaks are scenery to some, a backdrop for a far off view. At Julbo, whether climbing, skiing, riding or, particularly in the last few months, running, the mountains are a place to consistently find and improve our vision using prescription sunglasses. " - Julbo
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