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Smith Optics Parallel MAX 2 Lens

Smith Optics Parallel MAX 2 Lens

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  • Brown VLT 25%
  • ChromaPop Low Light Yellow Flash VLT 65%
  • Clear VLT 89%
  • Gray VLT 15%
  • Ignitor VLT 30%
  • Platinum VLT 11%
  • Polarized Brown VLT 15%
  • Polarized Gold Mirror VLT 14%
  • Polarized Gray VLT 15%
Lens Color
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Parallel Max 2 replacement lenses for varying conditions. Not compatible with earlier Parallel Max or Parallel D Max frames, or Parallel 2.

About Lens

A lens intended for increased color contrast that is great for scenic and natural settings. This lens is built on our carbonic lens platform.