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Why Are My Eyes Red?

Do you have red, bloodshot eyes?If you do, then you are most likely suffering from a common eye condition known as red eye. This affects countless people across the world each year.It's pretty common to have red, puffy eyes occasionally. However, it's incredibly important to find the cause of your red eyes because it could be a sign of a serious eye disease or condition. Here are some of the most probable reasons for why your eyes could be red.Now written bellow something about your red eyes: how to treat your red eyes and how to clear your red eyes...

Causes of Red Eyes

1. Allergies

Pet dander can be a leading cause of red eyesRed eyes or bloodshot eyes can be the result of an allergic reaction. Each time your immune system reacts to foreign substances such as dust, pet dander, or chemicals your body automatically releases an organic compound known as histamine. Histamines are a way your body combats the foreign substances. The release of histamine can make the eyes' blood vessels enlarge, making them appear red and watery. It's important to avoid any allergens that you may be sensitive to in order to avoid red eye.

2. Contact lenses

Over-wearing contact lenses and not taking proper care of your contact lenses is the most common culprit of red eye. This can lead to a build-up of microbes and other irritating surface deposits on your eyes. Having red eyes while you're wearing contacts can be the result of serious eye infections like keratitis and other fungal eye infections. To reduce your risk of red eye, it's important you keep your contacts clean and disinfected. Also, make sure to replace them in accordance with the directions given by your doctor.

3. Eye injury

Injury or trauma can also lead to red, bloodshot eyes. When your eye is injured, the blood vessels dilate as a result of an inflammatory response to that particular injury. This response is meant to increase blood flow to the injured area of the eye for quicker healing. This dilation of the blood makes your eye appear red. It's important to seek medical attention whenever you have an eye injury no matter how minor you think it is.

4. Prolonged computer usecomputer glasses

Red, puffy and tired eyes can be a result of over-using a computer. When you're staring at your computer screen for extended amounts of time you typically blink less. eventually leading to dry eyes. Dry eyes can make your tear glands produce an inadequate amount of tears. Your eyes need to produce tears in order to nourish and lubricate themselves properly. With time, your eye's surface gets irritated and inflamed, making your eyes appear red. One of the best ways for avoiding computer-induced red eyes is to take regular breaks from your screen. Reducing the amount of time spent on your computer/ phone screen. You can also wear glasses that are specifically designed for computer use . These prescription sunglasses reduce eye strain. They can even be made with your prescription.Also Read: Why Are My Eyes Dry? It's not just important to know why your eyes are red but also seeking medical attention if your eyes are red/ bloodshot.
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