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Throwback Thursday... We loved the 80's! (You know you did too!)

Fashion styles definitely change, almost on a weekly basis it seems. One of the decades that had the best fashions was by far the 80's. The anything goes attitude can be seen throughout those 10 years. Various colors and shapes of prescription sunglasses dominated music videos and media. The fading of disco and morphing into New Wave music ... fashion was never hotter!Channel your inner Star Trek geek to Geordi Laforge (Lavar Burton) to respect the glasses featured in this article. I had a red pair that I wore all the time and then they got stolen.. I was crushed. While they weren't very practical for all activities, they also doubled as a headband. BONUS!Also Read: Oakley Crosslink PRO a rare frame and highly sought after While we don't sell such sunglasses, keep your eyes peeled at Ray-Ban's Wayfarers who have been featuring special color prints that channel out of the ordinary designs.
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