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Think Pomeranian but just not annoying

Every Wednesday, we are going to doing a blog post that will pertain to the other side of us... the FUN side. I don't think the world has been properly introduced to the newest member of the family . The 'Official' mascot... Mr. Fox aka. Kuma ( Its Japanese for bear). Mr. Fox is a Shiba Inu. More like a slightly bigger pomeranian but not as annoying. LOLAlso Read: Behold the wonders of Acid! He's been my little companion when I am not at work for about a month now and he is the greatest dog . He came from the outskirts of rural Missouri from a breeder farm. It was literally love at first sight when I saw him at the shelter and I knew that he was MY dog. I would highly recommend on prescription sunglasses to anyone looking to get a pet, to go to the shelters. Not only do they vet check ...they also spay and neuter (which can cost $300-$400).Anyhow, just wanted to take a moment to share the new addition to the family.
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