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Rudy Projects Klonyx Goggles have you racing down the slopes

Its that time of year again. Wax up those ski's and check the engine in the snowmobile... winter is here! Eye protection is very important this time of year especially when blazing down the slopes or racing across the land. Debris, Ice, and wind can take a toll on your eyes over time. Keep those babies protected at all times!Well all know that Rudy Project makes some of the best prescription sunglasses for running and cycling. Did you know they also make ski and moto goggles as well? The Klonyx has been a crowd pleaser for both men and women. Available in a wide variety of frame and lens colors.With the rx adapter you can see the slopes even without wearing your glasses. The insert snaps in right behind the lens of the goggle. Have a high rx? Don't worry, we got you covered.

Also Read: Oakley Safety and Military ANSI Z87 now available for 2014! The Rx adapter can easily transfer over to the Guardyan sunglass frame to use during the warmer months.

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