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Poker games, whether done with friends or professionally in a casino are always exciting and fun. One of the important things that you should consider is hiding your eyes, after all, many emotions can be easily read just by looking at your eyes. Without eye protection like poker mirror coating on your eyewear, you may be inadvertently giving away important information.Using prescription sunglasses at the poker table has always been widely debated. This technique, however, is quite effective in denying other players information which your eyes may give away. The problem is, not all sunglasses may help you play your cards the right way. Some may even hurt you by darkening your field of vision. This is why leading experts in eyewear developed the Poker Mirror Coating.Poker Mirror Coating During GamesWhat Is Poker Mirror Coating? This is a functional film which effectively hides the eyes while still allowing maximum light transmission even in low light conditions. Poker Mirror Coating is great for club circuits, casinos, parties, or if you simply want to look fashionable.What Are the Benefits of Poker Mirror Coating? If you are an avid poker player, effectively hiding your eyes and still seeing everything around you is important. Unfortunately, it is not easy to find an eyewear that will provide such support because most sunglasses with tints are made for outdoor use. Poker Mirror Coating provides just enough coating, so your eyes are protected just right.Also Read: Benefits of Progressive Vision Lens What If I Need Prescription Lenses? You can simply pick your favorite frame and we can add the Poker Mirror Lenses for you. This means you can use your most comfortable eyewear and we can tailor fit your lens according to your needs.Poker Mirror Coating on your eyewear is helpful if you are an avid poker player or if you simply want to keep your eyes hidden and protected. Many poker enthusiasts swear by the great benefits they are able to get using this mirror coating.
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