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Smith Optics Reverb Lens

Smith Optics Reverb Lens

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  • ChromaPop Black VLT 10%
  • ChromaPop Blue Mirror VLT 15%
  • ChromaPop Bronze Mirror VLT 14%
  • ChromaPop Contrast Rose VLT 48%
  • ChromaPop Green Mirror VLT 15%
  • ChromaPop Low Light Amber VLT 65%
  • ChromaPop Platinum Mirror VLT 15%
  • ChromaPop Red Mirror VLT 15%
  • ChromaPop Violet Mirror VLT 15%
  • Clear VLT 89%
  • Photochromic Clear to Gray VLT 20-85%
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Reverb replacement lenses for varying conditions.

About Lens

A gray based lens boosted with ChromaPop color enhancement technology and finished with a light black mirror. Great for use in areas of medium to bright exposure, this lens will enhance color and clarity and let you effortlessly see more detail. Provides 100% protection from harmful UVA/B/C rays.