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Cat Crap Spray On 1 Oz

Cat Crap Spray On 1 Oz

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Cat Crap Spray On - 1 fluid ounce bottle

Cat Crap Anti-fog lens cleaner spray is the #1 product for anti-fog treatment on the market today. This feline will keep your lenses clear all day long, and fog-free!

Simply apply the spray onto the lens, then with a cloth, rub the access material off, and in moments you will be purring with clear vision.

The cleaner is a safe applicator and is great for eyewear, goggles, face shields/visors, binoculars, scopes, and any other lens that you can think of. Simply use once per day, and paw those glares away.

  • Easy to use at any time of day
  • Repels lint, dust, and those pesky fibers
  • The container is 1 ounces of spray per unit. Last approximately 200 cleanings.
  • The spray formula is safe on all types of lenses, lens coatings, and mirror finishes.
  • Also available in a paste form, and bulk purchase.

During these current times, please stay safe out there!