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What We Do & Who We Are...


At Heavyglare we have one purpose and that is to provide people with the highest quality eyewear, no matter what their prescription is. Because we have mastered the art and science of eyewear we and our four-eyed friends are no longer constrained to wearing big, flat, bulky glasses. Prescription wrapped sunglasses are our specialty, but we are confident that we can make any of your eyewear dreams into a reality.

When our doors first opened in 1999 we were at the forefront of a technical revolution. We dove headfirst into the digital world of dotcoms and have never looked back. Our online community now spans the globe and we love being able to connect with our loyal customers and friends. From tweeting, emailing, Facebooking and blogging we enjoy honestly sharing our passion for eyewear and care.

As the internet grew in sophistication so did the technology used for manufacturing lenses. While other companies were focused on maintaining the status quo, we were mastering the art of digital surfacing. Because of that, for 20+ years we’ve been able to make hot eyewear for people with high prescriptions.

We don't limit ourselves to only putting lenses into brand new frames. We can take your personal frame and create state-of-the-art lenses for it. You don't need to squint to see just so you can keep your unique style. We can make an old pair of glasses feel new again.

Even though it’s been hard work, we’ve loved every minute of it. We are still as passionate about top-of-the-line eyewear as we ever were. Our site includes collections of brands we know, like and most importantly, trust. We know that protecting and enhancing your vision is important, and we take our responsibilities seriously.


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