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Tag Heuer - Luxury Glasses

Tag Heuer is one of the most well-known brands in the world. This luxury brand is a Swiss company that is known for creating watches and fashion accessories. Tag Heuer has a rich history from the time it started the small company that manufactured watches in the 1860s to the major luxury retail brand that it is today.Tag Heuer started in the 1860s when its first chronograph was designed by Edouard Heuer Uhrenmanufaktur Heuer AG (Heuer Watchmaking Incorporated). The chronographs were patented and have proved to be highly reliable, in fact, many current mechanical chronographs are still using this machine. Over the years, the company grew its business, partnering with other famous retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch, as well as, Breitling and Hamilton to create some of the most famous watches in human history.By 1980, TAG Heuer was formed when Techniques d'Avant Garde (TAG), acquired Heuer. In 2002, the company released accessories that carry its famous logo, this includes the eyewear line. World-Renowned Design And Materials TAG Heuer has always been known to create innovative, durable, and luxury materials. The eyewear line is one perfect example of their commitment to creating products that are worth every single cent. Known as Avant-Garde Eyewear, the line is known for using superior materials, ergonomic eyewear engineering, and integrated advance designs. All TAG Heuer eyewear products are designed and made in France including development and production. To this day, the eyewear is unrivalled in design, performance, and functionality.Also Read: Rudy Project Eyewear: When Sports and Eyewear Collide Ever since the company began, TAG Heuer has delivered dozens of products that are made of the highest quality materials. Using the materials of the famous Swiss watchmaking, the materials include 316L stainless steel, beta titanium, carbon, and elastomer which all works together to allow the ultimate ease when used. As for the design, TAG Heuer engineers considered daily life and activities, as well as, sports performance to enhance wearability. Tag Heuer is Ergonomically Effective Whether for business, sports, leisure, all TAG Heuer eyewear promises to deliver the basic ergonomic needs. These prescription sunglasses are made to be ready for any kind of activities day in and out. It promises only the best performance even in conditions that require extreme movements. To achieve this, TAG Heuer worked with the world famous technical consultants from Nascar, Audi Sports, and other world class athletes. 100% Made In France From conceptualization of design to actual manufacturing, all items are made in France. This assures that all TAG Heuer products in the market are hand-crafted and made with special care and solid craftsmanship.From the watches to eyewear, TAG Heuer proves to be the king when it comes to design and materials used. Truly there is no better luxury eyewear in the market than this quality brand.
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