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Spy Sunglasses special Ken Block - Megamercial

Check out Ken Block's Gymkhana FOUR ; rocking his new SPY + Ken Block Gymkhana Limited Edition Murenain this Hollywood Megamercial. prescription sunglasses Filmed over the course of 5 days in the back-lots of Universal Studios, California, GYM4 exceeds the high-production style with dramatic special effects and exciting new tricks. Ken's partner in crime in GYM4 is his 2011 Ford Fiesta H.F.H.V., designed for competing in Gymkhana, Rally Cross and stage rally. Check out GYM4 for your chance to experience deranged zombies, a Sasquatch on a Segway and some massive stunts!Also Read: Carrera adorns Katy Perry's eyes [embed][/embed]
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