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Oakley Crosslink >>> Ohhh Yea, We Got em!

THE WAIT IS OVER... OAKLEY CROSSLINK HAS ARRIVED!!!Are you on the many who have been waiting for the Oakley Crosslink Eyeglasses ? Worn by pro golfer Rory McIlroy and pro Skater Bob Burquist. We have all the colors in stock and ready to fill with your prescription sunglasses. What's makes the Oakley Crosslink Eyeglasses so popular you ask? Well, not only do you get one sweet pair of eyeglasses they come with an extra set of interchangeable temples.. so it's like getting two pairs of glasses in one.

Also Read: ATTENTION: BIG NEWS!!! Being one of the first people in the US to own a pair, I can attest to the quality of theses glasses. Not only are they great glasses, they look cool too! :)

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