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Gunnar Optiks will renew your vision

Odds are a good 100% that you are seeing this on a computer or some sort of digital screen. You spend most of your waking hours glued to your computer screen, smart phone, tablet or TV monitor. As the hours go by, you subject your eyes to harsh, high intensity blue light and glare from your screen. Constant viewing of digital screens can create visual stress, eye fatigue, dry eyes, irritation, and even headaches, and the never popular 'squint wrinkles.'Well, Gunnars were created just to fix this problem. They increase contrast, comfort and focus while minimizing eye fatigue and visual stress for anyone who spends long hours staring at digital screens. Gunnars are powered by i-AMP lens technology comprised of a proprietary lens material in an advanced geometry tuned for intermediate viewing distance and finished with custom formulated lens filters, tints and coatings.Also Read: Tell us how you like it? Soft Kore or Hard Kore? Many new styles were just released for 2012. With a whole realm of prescription sunglasses frame styles and colors why not give them a try. Wear glasses during the day already? Don't worry, Gunnars are fully rxable! My personal favorite is the Vinyl . The vintage look matte black full frame is complementary to most face shapes.
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