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Spy is DOOMed for Greatness

The Spy Doom goggles feature the technology that everybody has wished for, and still cannot believe is here. It's called Lock Steady™ and is a lens change technology where you can quickly change your lenses with the click of a button on your goggles - fingerprint-free! No smudging or fumbling around. No trying to pop those lenses cautiously back into their proper place. With the Lock Steady™ technology, you can adapt quickly to Mother Nature's unpredictable mood. Every Doom goggle comes with a free mirrored lens for you to quickly change out on bluebird sky days, or to stick with other lenses for the more common weather in your area. We have five different colors in stock - all available with your prescription!

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The Lock SteadyTM quick-change lens system is the ultimate solution for anyone riding at higher altitudes or locations where the weather conditions are a little less predictable, said Juliette Koh, SPY Product Director. The Lock SteadyTM system combined with the rimless design of the Doom provides a massive field of view that you can quickly adjust, making it easy to adapt to changing weather conditions with a touch of the button. It's a clean design that anyone can wear, and the quick-change lens system adds sophistication to this minimalist masterpiece.spy doom louie ad
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