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  • Optic Nerve Neurotoxin 2.0
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Optic Nerve Neurotoxin 2.0

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The ever-popular, signature Optic Nerve performance: The Neurotoxin 2.0. The lightweight, aggressively styled sunglasses benefit from triple injection molding with Tactilite™ rubber that maximizes adjustability and enhances durability. Vents in the upper outside corners of the hydrophobic lenses let body heat escape to prevent fogging. Three interchangeable lenses pair with bright sun, cloudy or night conditions. Available in Shiny Green with a Green Zaio smoke lenses, Shiny White with a Red Zaio smoke lenses and Matte Carbon with a Blue Zaio smoke lenses.

Neurotoxin 2.0 Lens Changing Instructions

Optimum Uses: Extreme

Optimum Face Shape: Average