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  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Clear
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Polarized Grey
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Polarized Amber
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Golf Green
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Driver Rose Amber
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Trail Orange
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Ski Yellow
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Photochromic Grey
  • Liberty Sport Chopper Lens / Photochromic Amber
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Liberty Sport Chopper Lens

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$115.00 USD
Lens Color

Need new lenses for you Liberty Sunglasses? Customize your lens portfolio for what you need.

TRUE COLOR GREY lenses are for intense sun. It is an excellent lens for mountain, desert, snow, beach and water sports, as well as general purpose use in bright conditions. By blocking 90% of visible light , this is the perfect lens for the harshest light conditions.

CONTRAST AMBER lenses with a bronze reflection are for bright to moderate sun to make colors more vivid and allows you to see objects more clearly. This lens is perfect for mountain, snow, beach and water sports.

GOLF & TENNIS GREEN lenses will increase contrast and visibility against blue and green backgrounds allowing you to perform at top levels.

DRIVER ROSE AMBER lenses are for haze, as well as moderate, low and changeable light. This is a great lens for driving, running, hiking, and biking.

SKI YELLOW low light lenses will add dimension to white on white conditions and dramatically improves vision in flat, low light and cloudy conditions. Perfect for your next ski and mountain adventure.

TRAIL ORANGElenses are ideal for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking in shady and changeable light conditions. Increases contrast to define contours on rough terrain in varying light conditions.