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Liberty Sport FrogEye

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See with clarity, both in the water and out. The Double Lens Technology featured in our FrogEye prescription goggles collection includes a two-lens solution that allows you to see clearly not only above but below the water as well.

Here’s how it works:
The exterior lens is a clear lens allowing for light transmission. The interior lens is the corrective Rx lens allowing for a full prescription range. A slight air gap in between both lenses allows for light media to traverse through both lenses, creating crystal clear vision while you knife through the water. Consider it like looking into/through a fish tank! A one-of-a-kind goggle available nowhere else but through Liberty Sport!


  • OS [A:40 B:30.8 ED:43 DBL:adj.]

Lens Package:

  • All of our goggles include a clear single-vision Rx.
  • Upgrade to light-responsive (photochromic) lenses that change from clear to dark grey in the sun (rain or shine).

Prescription Options:

  • All of our frames include clear, single-vision prescription lenses.
  • Upgrade to progressive (covers reading, distance, and in between).